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The all good, all yours, any time you like cheesecake.


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Dried Fruit

Dried fruit but not as you know it. LILO brings you the perfect mix of Central Otago Apricots, Nelson Apples, Waikato Blueberries and Bay of Plenty Golden Kiwifruit. Lovingly dried for maximum flavour and ready to take your tastebuds on a trip!
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Waste not tastes good

LILO is on a mission to get fruit tasted not wasted. We collaborate with orchardists to harness the fruit some say is “ugly” and turn it into delicious, mood-enhancing snacks. Check out our Manifesto to learn more about the LILO Movement

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Glitch fruit

There is technology in all the food we eat and sometimes, you get glitches. For perfect uniform fruit, these glitches are what create “ugly produce.” Glitch fruit is still full of supernatural nutrients and flavour, so why are we letting it go to waste?

LILO specialises in “fruit-tech”, our delicious way to combine the wonders of nature with innovation and technology.

We invite you to open your mind as well as your tastebuds to a world full of exciting new food possibilities.

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