What does LILO Mean?

LILO stands for Last In Last Out, highlighting our generational responsibility, and you can read all about it in our Manifesto here. In short, we think New Zealand fruit is supernatural, delicious and, instead of leaving it behind in orchards, we should make delicious, fruity indulgent snacks out of it.

Where can I buy LILO?

LILO desserts and snacks are stocked in New World, Huckleberry, Farro and leading stockists across New Zealand. Follow our Instagram to keep up with the latest partners and locations. If you’d like to make sure LILO is in your local, the best thing you can do is to tell us and tell the store directly.

You can also buy our delicious Party Mix online here.

Where does LILO Fruit come from?

We source our fruit from orchards around New Zealand and are always keen to hear of new partnerships. Our plums come from Rosedale Orchard in Central Otago; our Blueberries from Blueberry Country and our lemon juice from First Fresh in Gisborne. We also have apples from Nelson, apricots from Clyde and KiwiFruit from Te Puke in the LILO Party Mix.

What does "Supernatural" mean?

At LILO we believe New Zealand fruit is supernaturally delicious and supernaturally good for you. Our unique growing conditions (clean air, harsh UV, rich soil) mean New Zealand produce contains some of the highest levels of nutrients in the world. This is something we take for granted growing up with New Zealand produce and we think it should be celebrated, domestically and internationally.

Why is LILO Dairy Free?

LILO is all about rethinking our food system, one snack at a time. The questions we had about the fruit industry focusing on perfect fruit lead us to investigate New Zealand’s lack of diversification away from scale dairy farming. LILO snacks are designed around delivering indulgence that is lighter for you and lighter on the planet. If we hadn’t told you it was dairy-free, would you have known?

Can Vegans eat LILO?

Yes, vegans can eat LILO, non vegans can eat LILO. People rejecting the vegan-non vegan binary can eat LILO too.

What is "Low Gluten?"

We do not add any gluten into our products, however they are manufactured in a facility that processes products with gluten. We do our best to minimise the risk of contamination and are working towards gluten free certification.

Why is LILO in Plastic?

We get it - saving some fruit and then putting it in plastic feels like two steps forward and one step back. After going round and round in circles we kept coming back to the reality that, right now, plastic is the best of a bad bunch of options. LILO tubs are in number 5 plastic, widely accepted in recycling bins across New Zealand. LILO is actively working on alternative packaging solutions, we are on a mission and will continue to rethink our packaging, one step at a time.

Plastic is also a great way for frozen LILOs to travel across the country and (one day) around the world to ensure food safety and product consistency. This is something we take really seriously, and work with a leading manufacturer in New Zealand to assure delivery in full on time and in spec.

How to join our LILO movement?

We are essentially growing a modern desserts and snacking platform based on the goodness of upcycled New Zealand fruit. This could be a model that works nicely outside of New Zealand, and we are really happy to partner and share our learnings and model experiences if you’d like to do something similar in your country. We’re up for doing more with good fruit and good people.

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